Automated Static Site

Here you can download the scripts and structure that I used to automate the construction of this static web site. The README file in the archive gives an idea how it works.
This solution can be useful in case you already have files written in TEX format that you want to use in your web site.

Of course the translation from Tex files into HTML is OK if you use (like I have done) latex2html or something else like TEX4ht, HeVeA or TtH. But if you want some special formatting, personalized menus or something else you have to do it yourself.

Original files for the site where written with LYX, but you can still use the scripts with few changes if the sources are written with txt2tags, LATEX or something else. The only important thing is that at the end you have TEX files to work with.

In case you want start writing a static web site from scratch there is a simplest way to produce it. Have a look at Demian L. Neidetcher's web site.